Case Studies - Predictive Maintenance and Fire Safety

Drew Hanover


With more and more installations across Europe, the AVIAN team has recently seen some interesting cases where our patent pending monitoring system has dramatically reduced the risk of fire and prevented machines from breaking down.

We wanted to share some of these examples to show how our system can help protect your facility while also saving you money on reduced downtime.

As a brief reminder on how our monitoring system works, our camera systems can sense temperature via the infrared signature of things like motors, gear boxes, belts, and other heat sources.

Every pixel in the infrared image is actually a temperature measurement leading to hundreds of thousands of measurements per image. The GIF below shows an infrared time lapse of a production line where you can see the bright spots in the image are hot spots and the dark locations are cold spots.

Jammed Roller

One of our customers had an alarming increase of temperature on a roller. Over 20 minutes, the temperature of the roller steadily increased until our alarm threshold was triggered. The alarm was immediately sent to the production personnel and they were able to inspect the roller:

Without the AVIAN system in place, who knows how long it would have been before this was noticed. Judging by the char marks on the wood, it wouldn't have been good!

Broken Saw

Some of our cameras watch saw lines like the one below. During the morning shift, we saw an instantaneous spike in temperature, thanks to our cameras taking measurements 25 times per second. The production team immediately responded to the alert and found a large spark/metal chip had been thrown from the saw blade.

They were able to immediately replace the broken equipment and were back up to full operational capacity within 30 minutes of the detected spike.

Belt Wear and Tear

Over the course of a couple weeks, we noticed one of our client's belts had some irregular wear patterns on one side of the belt. This can be caused from an over tightened or misaligned belt and lead to serious issues with the transport motors over time. Additionally, these belts are not cheap! AVIAN's system was able to see the wear and tear on the bottom right portion of the image and alert the production personnel to the issue.

If you have a production facility and face similar challenges with machine failures or are concerned about fire safety, we have a solution for you! Our customers have been extremely pleased with our solution - and it gets better every day. You can read testimonials directly from one of our customers here

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Major thanks also to our customers who have given us permission to share these cases with you in order to promote safety and innovation across the entire industry.

Drew Hanover
CTO and Co-Founder