Letter from one of our customers


We are thrilled to share a customer letter/testimonial we received, underscoring the strong partnership with Rosenbaum and the positive impact of our collective efforts. Such feedback is incredibly motivating, reminding us of the difference we make each day. We are inspired to continue enhancing our collaboration with Rosenbaum, striving for excellence in all we do. Please take a moment to read the testimonial, which serves as a testament to our team's hard work and dedication.

Anton Rosenbaum Holzbau | Josef Rosenbaum Saegewerk

Completely new possibilities through the proven use of modern thermal imaging technology in sawmills and wood processing companies

Prevent fires from starting in the first place by "consistently" and "intelligently" monitoring machines and production halls for unusual temperature rises - 24/7

Staggered or prioritized alarm triggering on mobile devices, alarm systems or fire alarm systems

Simple installation, flexible expansion options, continuous further development and a lifelong learning process for the system by continuously recording data

These arguments have convinced us!

Like probably all sawmill colleagues, we as a wood processing company are also faced with the situation of constantly rising fire insurance premiums and fire protection requirements that are technically hardly feasible or financially unfeasible.

So why not perfect what we have been doing responsibly and successfully for the last 126 years!

Cleanliness, consistent monitoring, regular maintenance and raising employee awareness, supplemented by a new, intelligent monitoring system, reduce the risk of fire more efficiently and more intelligently than traditional fire detectors or sprinkler heads, which only react to an already existing fire.

Constantly learning, never looking away and continuously and sensibly adapting the level of monitoring

That is what we have set ourselves!

In the company AVIAN with Mr. Thomas Längle and Drew Hanover, we see a young, highly competent team with experience and unbridled energy to advance this technology and ultimately convince the insurance industry of its benefits.

Being able to contribute to adapting the system to our needs, perfecting it practically in use and developing it further is a big step forward for us in preventive fire protection.

The practical benefits have already become apparent in the first few months.

Motors and drives operating at their performance limits have been identified. Repair work can be better monitored and the permanent possibility of being able to log into the entire monitoring system from anywhere, at night or on public holidays, gives us at Rosenbaum in Mayen a previously unknown level of security.

Thank you very much, we truley appreciate this parnership,
Thomas Laengle
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder