Outstanding Turnout at DeSH Fire Prevention Event

Apr 11, 2024

DeSH Fire Prevention Event - Böhen, Germany

Yesterday, April 10th 2024, the German sawmill association, DeSH,  hosted a Fire Prevention event with their members and key stakeholders from the insurance space. Around 100 personnel across the wood and insurance industries were present, looking for solutions on how to prevent fires, improve maintenance conditions, and ultimately, enable many to gain fire insurance. 

According to DeSH, around 23% of their members do not currently have fire insurance due to changes in the global underwriting process for manufacturers with high combustible loads. 

We thank DeSH for the opportunity to present our solution, and our customer Mr. Peter Wanner from Wanner Sägewerk for hosting us at his mill. We recently installed 10 of our cameras at Mr. Wanner’s facility and already have a proven track record of our system working as intended – by detecting temperature anomalies early in order to make repairs BEFORE a fire happens.

We were extremely impressed by the turnout, and thank everyone who came and inquired about our system. It is clear that the industry needs a new solution for fire prevention and insurance – and we are happy to be a key partner in building THE solution.

If you are reading this and are interested in learning more about our system, or the state of fire insurance for manufacturers, send us an inquiry at info@avian-iot.com

The founders of AVIAN

Drew Hanover and Thomas Laengle